Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Aston Merrygold Is Going Solo: “all will be revealed”!

As JLS come to the end of their journey, is it the start of a new one for band member Aston Merrygold?

We can reveal the answer is.. YES, it will be a new beginning for Aston as he will be releasing his own solo album which is talked about in the last JLS book which is released this month.

The book contains inside gossip from the boys as well as writing about them and unseen pictures! There are three book signings: Milton Keynes, Newcastle and Glasgow where you can have a book, get it signed by the boys AND have get your chance to meet them.

As Marvin is a new dad and pursuing a career as a DJ and TV presenter, JB setting up his own farm and Oritsé has won Stepping Out and been doing more charity work, it was only a matter of time before we were going to hear what our fourth boy was up to!

Speaking to Merrygold himself, we asked some questions about his solo career and he replied with “When the book is officially out all will be revealed.. but my peeps will be first to know i promise x”. How exciting is this going to be?

Now we know what he has been doing in America the past weeks he was there, we can expect a lot of studio vibes and selfies from him. What kind of music are you all hoping he releases? Send in your suggestions as we’d love to see how versatile the JLSters think he is!

Make sure you get your hands on the final JLS book to hear all details and keep checking on his twitter and our website for the latest news!

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