Dennis Wise could be kicked out of the I’m A Celebrity jungle over ‘bullying claims’!


Dennis Wise’s future on I’m A Celebrity could be short lived as ITV bosses are deciding whether to kick him out of the jungle.

Dennis Wise could be removed from I’m A Celebrity following claims he’s been ‘bullying’ Iain Lee – The shows producers are taking this very seriously.

The former Chelsea and England player could be removed from the jungle as ITV bosses have been ‘locked in crisis talks’, The Mirror reports.

I’m A Celebrity bosses spent hours discussing whether to axe Dennis from the show, a source told the paper: “Producers have been holed up in meetings debating whether to reprimand Dennis or remove him altogether.

“They have a duty of care to all contestants they take very seriously.”

Although an ITV spokesperson has denied the report, they said: “The welfare of all our celebrities is of utmost importance and we’ve not witnessed nor had any complaints of bullying from any of them,”

Fans slammed Dennis during Wednesday’s show after Dennis had a problem with Iain taking part in the trial ‘Tutankha-Doom challenge’.

“Listen, I’d be up for doing it but you’re obviously very keen” Iain said looking at Jamie.

Dennis shut down Iain by saying: “My only problem and I’ll be honest with you Iain, is that you’ve said ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ twice and what I don’t want to do is we have no dinner and so….”

Iain looked surprised and responded: “OK, but I also got 11 stars on one.”

Dennis replied: “I get that but you’ve also said ‘get me out of here’ twice; out of the three you’ve done you failed…”

Iain stuck up for himself saying: “No, I failed one of them, the other was a challenge.”

“If you come back with nothing everyone will be upset” said Dennis.

“I get it, you don’t want me to do it, I withdraw my offer, does that mean I can do no Trials for the rest of the run then? Is that what you’re saying, because that feels a little bit unfair” said Iain.

“Well Iain, the problem is you’ve gone a couple of times and you’ve come back with nothing, so that causes me a slight issue” said Dennis.

Iain replied: “Well I won’t do any more Trials then, but it just feels a bit….”.  “Iain, Iain, you don’t need to be all like that” said Dennis.

The Mirror contacted Dennis rep but reportedly declined to comment.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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