I’m A Celebrity 2017: Who left? Jennie McAlpine is the eighth campmate to be voted off!


Jennie McAlpine has been eliminated from the I’m A Celebrity jungle after receiving the fewest votes in the latest vote off.

Jennie has been eliminated from I’m A Celebrity, leaving Iain, Toff and Jamie as finalists going into the final day of the I’m A Celebrity journey.

Today saw marked the highly awaited Celebrity Cyclone, with the final 4 Iain, Toff, Jamie and Jennie working together in an attempt to win a 4 star meal for their preliminary night in camp.

Approximately 500 litres of slime are used per run, and more than 100 footballers and gym balls that are hurled at the Celebrities.

Around 100 crew members are involved in the big event, either filming, supervising, standby medics, production staff and other crew members.

Jennie was first to take on the cyclone, taking all four stars to the first marker, with it taking a few attempts to reach her designated spot.

Iain was next up, facing many obstacles on his way to the second marker, but easily making it to his star without any hassle.

Toff was then third to take on this legendary trial but showed her strength by easily making it to the third star despite the many balls and water trying to obstruct her path.

Jamie was the final celebrity to make his way up the cyclone trial, striding his way through the cyclone challenge.

The wave of water and balls hit all the celebrities except from Jennie, who firmly stood her ground on the first marker. However, all the celebrities managed to make it back to their designated marker, and they finished the trial with all four stars won.

Also in tonight’s episode, for the first time ever in I’m A Celebrity history, the campmates were able to meet their family in the jungle. Jennie had a heart wrenching reunion with her husband, Toff was able to see her mother after 3 weeks, Iain was overcome with emotion when he saw his sister in the jungle and Jamie showed his soft side when reunited with his mother.

After 3 long weeks in the jungle, tomorrow will mark the final day in the jungle for the remaining 3 celebrities. As always, the final day will see the finalists take on personalised trials to win their 3 course meal and drink for their final, well-earned meal in camp.

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