‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ is the first to record the hatching of endangered bird!


Chester Zoo is the first UK zoo to successfully breed the Javan green magpie, and the first to record the hatching.

‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ crew have managed to record something truly unique for their upcoming episode on Channel 4.

The Javan green magpie is one of the world’s most endangered species with only around fifty remaining in the wild, which places it on the verge of extinction.

The endangered birds are trapped for the illegal bird trade and vast swathes of their native forest have fallen silent.

‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ had cameras setup to capture the moment magpie chicks were successfully hatched, for the first time.

They also filmed the courtship ritual between confident two-year-old Metina and her modest would-be suitor Permata who, at ten months, still had to earn his dating spurs.

The breeding of several new chicks in Chester since 2015 has given a huge lift to conservation efforts to save the birds.

You can catch the incredible footage on this week’s ‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ at 8 pm, 13 December, Channel 4.

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