Far Too Far: Can We Get a HELL YEAH!


WIWYM Cover News
Last weekend saw studio day for the recording of the next cover, the first in which Matt will be appearing! A lot of hype was around for the lads to get in a hit some notes so we’re extremely excited for the cover to be released onto YouTube. The boys tweeted “Today is the DAY! So Excited!” and Hannah also joined Farnatics in the twitter hype.

Not only have they been in the studio recording the cover, what about the video? Well, THIS WEEKEND just gone, Jamie, Jackson and Matt weren’t far too far away from each other as they’ve filmed the video! To our excitement, they uploaded it on Tuesday 5th November, which only means one thing.. GO WATCH IT.. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW:


In just 24 hours, the cover received an incredible 1,000 views, we hope this keeps climbing and gets notices by lots of people!

This wasn’t the only video uploaded though was it? The boys were together which meant…. a new….VLOG! We were buzzing for this! Due to rough weather conditions the weekend before, they couldn’t stay with each other as long as they anticipated meaning no twitcam. However, they made it up to us with a FTF Vlog and a TWITCAM wooo!


The new cover needs to be shared with as many people as possible, and as a base of promotion, there is a street team account on twitter, @FTFStreetTeam_ which will need more Farnatics to help run it in the future, so share, share, share the new cover to increase views and introduce new people to the wonderful talent of Far Too Far! It could be you who is asked to join FTF’s Street Team so make sure you do your bit to help the boys promote their cover.

Happy Days
Towards the end of last week, there was some strange activity over on the band’s twitter account where they were tweeting using each other’s names, making them look like fools! The fans all enjoyed seeing their boys messing around having a little laughter, brings happiness all around!

In other news, Matt doesn’t have 1000 followers on twitter yet! So, what are we going to do? #GetMattJTerry01To1kFollowers is what we’re going to do! We need as many people as possible to follow Matty and we know there are loads of fans that don’t follow just by looking at follower numbers of the FTF twitter! Whenever possible, try and start a trend just to help him, and like yesterday, he might do some Ask Matt’s or other activities to boost followers, every little helps!:)

Drum Roll Please…
I’m sure our team saw a tweet along the lines of “Next week there some exciting news to spill too J ooooooohhh what could it beeeee” YAYYY!!! We LOVE news, wonder what it could be? Well.. you’ll have to wait until the weekend when it’s announced, but it is very exciting! Also.. they might have said they’re doing a twitcam this weekend as well? Make sure you tune in!

FTF Details
Twitter: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @Jamiecopemusic @MattJTerry01
Keek: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @jamiecope397 @mattjterry01
Youtube: FarTooFarMusic
Instagram: @FarTooFarMusic @jcopemusic @mrjacksonhumes @mattjterry01

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