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Steven Moffat talks Jenna Coleman’s surprise return to Doctor Who!

Steven Moffat surprised Doctor Who fans across the globe on Christmas Day with a special return of Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Coleman).

Christmas Day revolved around Whovians waiting til 5:30pm for the latest instalment of Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi made his final appearance as the 12th Doctor on Christmas Day.

The Christmas special followed on from The Doctor’s recent battle with the Cybermen that left him stranded in an Arctic wilderness, at the brink of regenerating, and confronted with his first incarnation, who is also facing his last stand.

The two Doctors had to battle a mysterious glass creature with the power to freeze time, and unravel the mystery of a First World War army captain transported far from the battlefield.

During the episode called ‘Twice Upon a Time’ it saw the return of Clara Oswald.

Writer, Steven Moffat, who has stepped down after seven years of writing for Doctor Who, claimed that Jenna Coleman’s ITV Victoria role made her schedule busy which “complicated” her return as Clara Oswald.

Moffat said: “I had to phone Jenna, who was incredibly busy on Victoria… Incredibly busy.

“It was a ridiculous schedule. She was well up for it but it was complicated to arrange.”

“The very, very, very last thing I ever shot on Doctor Who was in fact Jenna’s bit… How many times have I killed that girl off and she was right there in my last shot,”

“It’s absolutely extraordinary.” Moffat added.

Pearl Mackie returned as companion Bill alongside guest stars Mark Gatiss and David Bradley.

The climax of the episode also featured the first glimpse of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor.

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