Celebrity Big Brother 2018: The house is STILL being worked on hours before launch!


The Celebrity Big Brother house is still being worked on despite being hours away from launch on Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 launches on Channel 5 this evening, so you may be shocked to hear that builders are still working on finalising the interior.

Channel 5 have gone all-out to save Big Brother by splashing quarter of a million pounds to renovate the new Celebrity Big Brother house.

This year’s house is the most expensive yet, featuring a sauna in the garden.

The layout of the house otherwise has remained more or less the same as last summer, although the interior has been revamped for this year’s bunch of celebs.

A handful of media were allowed in the Big Brother house this morning to have a tour, and well… Builders were frantically still working on the set.

RadioTimes were one of the those selected by Channel 5 for a tour, journalist Frances Taylor explained what the builders were still finishing: “While one is drilling in the bedroom, others are stapling fluffy throws to outdoor benches (clearly feeling optimistic about the January weather) and putting the final touches to the astroturf lawn.”

The extravagant sauna in the garden was still being worked on at the time of the media tour, so press weren’t allowed in there.

Big Brother producers have spent a lot of money making the house feel like home for the celebs, a source told The Sun: “Producers pulled out all the stops to make sure this year’s house is the quirkiest and plushest viewers and housemates will have seen,

“This series is a special one, given the fact only women will be entering the house to start with in a salute to the centenary of women’s suffrage. They wanted the house to be a standout one,”

“They wanted to make sure it would be particularly appealing for the women, which meant they also added in a new sauna,” the source added.

A mystery non-celebrity has been listed on the leaked lineup ahead of launch, they will be one of eight women set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother this evening.

Celebrity Big Brother will launch with an all-female house and they will initially explore how the female housemates interact, from politicians to performing artists, ahead of the celebrity male housemates.

It has been revealed that the all-female twist will only last 4 days.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 launches on Channel 5 on 2 January at 9PM.

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