Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ann Widdecombe and India Willoughby rows continue after misgendering!


Ann Widdecombe and India Willoughby have their second row in the Celebrity Big Brother house after misgendering during a conversation.

Ann accidentally referred to India as a “he” during a conversation in the CBB house.

During a conversation, India joked that her mum named her after her favourite takeaway: “My mum named me after her favourite takeaway, Indian,”

Referring to India, Ann told Amanda Barrie: “I think he’s pulling your leg,”

India immediately quipped: “He?! She!”

“I do beg your pardon,” Ann told India.

The row continued in the kitchen a few hours later.

“You misgendered me earlier,” India told Ann.

Ann informed India: “If you hadn’t been talking about it so much I wouldn’t have been conscious of you any other way,”

Ann and India had their first row on the first night in the CBB house. Ann and India had a squabble over a bed, Big Brother has had to release a statement to clear up the situation for viewers.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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