Dancing On Ice host Holly Willoughby ‘stuffs handwarmers down her dress’ on set!


Holly Willoughby has a rather unusual way of keeping warm while on the Dancing On Ice set.

Holly Willoughby reportedly stuffs handwarmers down her dress while on the chilly set to keep warm.

A source told The Sun: “It can get pretty nippy at the ice rink, so Holly found a cheeky way of keeping herself warm,

“There’s loads of the gel handwarmers floating about so she quickly slipped a couple down her front so she didn’t get cold.

“It worked a treat.”

Phillip Schofield who co-hosts the show alongside Holly admitted to Sunday’s audience that he also uses handwarmers: “The studio has been freezing. I even put handwarmers down my boxers.”

Phillip isn’t shy of revealing the secrets from behind the scenes of Dancing On Ice – He recently revealed how he and Holly Willoughby walk on the ice on This Morning.

While live on This Morning, Eamonn Holmes asked Phill: “Do you Phillip, from your presentational position, do you ever have to wear skates?”

Phillip then revealed a massive show secret by saying: “No, no. Okay, alright I’ll tell you, if Holly and I go out on the ice they put a white carpet out and we walk in our normal shoes.

Phill added: “If we have to go out without the white carpet there are special like snow gripper things they put on your shoes so you don’t fall over.”

Ruth Langsford laughed: “I’d like to see that, especially with Holly’s high heels.”

Dancing On Ice continues at 6pm on Sunday on ITV.

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