Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jonny and India both face eviction after face to face nominations!


Tonight, Emma Willis entered the Celebrity Big Brother House to initiate the first live face to face nominations of the series!

This series marks the year of the woman, marking 100 years since women earned the right to vote. And to celebrate, the women of the Celebrity Big Brother house have been given the power!

With the women in power, the men have been removed of their right to vote until further notice.

Before the men entered the house the women fought for immunity from Friday’s evictions through a series of tasks based on disproving common stereotypes of women.

As a result of their success in these tasks, Maggie Oliver, Malika Haqq, Jess Impiazzi, and Amanda Barrie were immune from nominations this week.

Emma Willis entered the house this evening, asking all of the women to put the housemates’ pictures inside a golden envelope.

First up to nominate was Malika, who nominated Andrew for his poor cleaning efforts and Anne because of her lack of tolerance for the behaviour of those around her.

Next to nominate was Rachel who nominated India for “changing the record” and Johnny for being too attractive!

Next to nominate was Ashley, who nominated India because of her causing tension in the house and Johnny because they had the least in common.

India then nominated Anne because she doesn’t want to participate in the tasks and was irritated by the bed issue earlier in the series, and Ginuwine because of his comment about not wanting to date a transgender woman.

Amanda was next to nominate and firstly nominated Johnny because she felt that he was on the outside of the group and India because she wants to get to know everyone else.

Maggie also nominated India because of the incident with the bed and Jonny because she doesn’t know him as well as everyone else.

Jess then quickly stated her nominations of India because of the bed situation and Ann because she brings the mood down.

Ann was last to nominate, and nominated India because of all the rows she has caused and Andrew because he is the most laddish and rowdiest.

As a result of the latest nominations, both India and Jonny both face eviction on Friday.

However, tonight, the women’s reign ended, removing the power from the house. Tomorrow, a task will take place determining whether the men or the women will have the power from now on.

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