Celebrity Big Brother’s India Willoughby changes her tune and claims there’s one ‘chief manipulator’ in the house!


Since India Willoughby was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother on Friday evening she’s changed her tune on her former housemates.

India Willoughby has changed her tune since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday night.

India has been ‘left fuming’ after watching the show back hours after being evicted, and she’s not happy with what Celebrity Big Brother bosses aired post eviction.

The transgender newsreader let everyone know exactly what she was thinking on Twitter: “You don’t know half of what went on in that house. It’s NOT as it seems. Treacherous people. Can’t talk about it for contractual reasons until Mon.”

India has said she regrets showing her breasts to housemate Rachel Johnson – she also branded her former housemates “treacherous bullies”.

India tweeted a second time on the matter: “Hold your horses all. I’ll explain all of this on @5WrightStuff on Mon morn – and reveal the chief manipulator in the CBB house xxx.”

India claims she was forced to keep quiet over the incidents that took place in the house, but she’s set to reveal all.

Big Brother fans have lashed back at the newsreader, one viewer said: “They can’t defend themselves while they are still in there either so instead of waiting and saying it all to their faces you sell your story behind their backs? Not big and not clever.”

Another said: “This is clearly just click-bait (or viewing bait?) to make everyone tune in to watch whatever programme you are appearing on keep chasing them ratings, 15 mins of fame ends fast!”

India was recently caught out by her ‘drag queen phobia’ after pictures surfaced online of her at a pride event.

Rylan Clark-Neal questioned India on her questionable phobia, India responded with: “I was paid to do an event last year and some drag queens were there,

“I am a nice person and I’m going to be nice to people who come up for a photo.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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