Celebrity Big Brother’s Rachel Johnson continues writing for newspaper while inside the house!


Rachel Johnson is continuing to write for a newspaper while inside the Celebrity Big Brother house – She’s not the only housemate doing it too.

Despite rules in place that ban the housemates from having any outside contact, Rachel Johnson is continuing to write for a newspaper while in the famous house.

Boris Johnson’s sister has confused fans by publishing a column titled ‘My fortnight of flirting, twerking and feminism: Rachel Johnson lifts the lid on her exuberant two weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house’ while taking part in the show.

Rachel in her column mentioned the worst thing about being in Big Brother is: Appalling sleep deprivation.

Rachel said: “The lights in the dormitories stay on until the last person has come to bed, and most nights that means dawn.

She added: “Amid the chaos of the House, only one thing is certain: that as soon as I’ve fallen into bed with an eyemask on, ear plugs in, over-thecounter sleep aids thoroughly swallowed and a pillow over my head, the loudspeaker will boom into life.

‘This is Big Brother. Will Rachel come to the diary room.’

As part of Rachel’s contract that was signed before she went in, it gave her permission to continue writing while on the show.

Ann Widdecombe is another housemate writing a column from inside the house.

A source told Digital Spy that Ann did not leave the house to write her column.

Usually the celebrity housemates are closed off from the rest of the house in a secret room or the Diary Room to write their column’s.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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