Friday, 29 September, 2023

Children in Need 2013: Call The Midwife!

Call The Midwife sing beautifully in their performance on Children In Need as well as doing their very own sketch.

The cast of Call The Midwife took to stage for a sing song of a medley of songs, this is a little different from their usual role on screen, but they are making the most to enjoy the time. Peaceful and upbeat songs were sung with big cheers from the audience who loved hearing them sing.

The Christmas special of the show had a clip played as a teaser to what’s in store for everyone on the festive day. Children were dressed as reindeer and the midwives of course were riding bikes, but you’ll have to tune into the Christmas special to find out exactly what happens.

To watch the clip, have a look below:

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Musical Performance:


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