Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

Twitter down: Twitter users hit with connection problems worldwide

Twitter is down for the majority of people worldwide – The platform’s main website and connected services such as TweetDeck are facing issues.

Twitter has been hit with an huge outage and it’s affecting people around the globe.

Those using Twitter accounts in the UK, EU and the US have reported issues accessing the site after seeing the message: “This site can’t be reached”.

Problems started at around 8pm GMT – It’s not yet clear what’s caused the outage.

There were 300+ reports of the outage just before 8pm GMT on the website Down Detector.

One user wrote: “please work it hasnt been 10min and im already dying,”

Another user wrote: “am using desktop to log on twitter and sometimes it takes me several minutes to log in (sometimes 10-15 mins) then when i log in i can’t see pictures, it loads so bad that i dont even know if twitter is doing something or updating. I am from the Philippines.(sic)”

The last known Twitter outage took place on December 31st.

Update: Twitter and it’s services including Tweetdeck were up and running again by 8:20PM UK Time.

Twitter have not commented on the outage.

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