YouTuber Ally Law breaks into the Celebrity Big Brother house during Friday’s live show!


YouTuber Ally Law, renowned for sneaking into the UK’s most high profile venues, has broke into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

YouTuber Ally Law broke into the Celebrity Big Brother set during Friday’s double eviction show.

The YouTuber managed to bypass security and get into the camera runs and roof of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Police were called and the 20-year-old was arrested and removed from Elstree Studios – It appears no legal action will be taken.

Ally managed to upload a quick Snapchat video from inside the house – He was hiding behind a mirror at the top of the stairs.

The daredevil tweeted the same evening: “Me and Ryan just broke into the big brother house and got caught and threatened to be arrested but we are now eating cookies from Tesco’s.”

Channel 5 confirmed to TwitCelebGossip that appropriate security measures are in place to stop a situation like this, and the intruders were caught before any damage was done.

In a statement, Channel 5 told TwitCelebGossip: “Last night, two intruders were apprehended by security at Elstree Studios.

“The safety of housemates, production and audience members is of paramount importance and Big Brother has appropriate security measures in place at all times.”

It could be all over for Celebrity Big Brother bosses, the show will reportedly “be axed later this year” according to a report by The Daily Star, due to a ‘ratings plummet’.

Channel 5 bosses have decided to ‘pull the plug’ after 18 years of the show after ratings for the show have fallen over the years.

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