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Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ronan Parke set to release brand new music and world wide tour dates!

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ronan Parke is preparing to release brand new music for the first time in years, he’ll also hit the road on tour.

Ronan Parke has exclusively revealed to TwitCelebGossip that he’s set to release brand new music as well as world wide tour dates this year.

Ronan came runner-up in the fifth series of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent – His audition back in 2011 (aged only 12) has been watched 11 million times on YouTube.

Ronan went on to release a self-titled debut album and various singles 2 years after the BGT final.

Since splitting with his record label in 2014, fans have speculated when Ronan is set to release new material.

Ronan starred in Aladdin Pantomime produced by Anton Benson Productions at the Northwich Memorial Court Cheshire from the 9th December 2017 to 1st January 2018 alongside Vicki Michelle and Charles Lawson – TwitCelebGossip managed to catch up with the BGT star to question him about his up-coming music and tour.

Ronan exclusively revealed to TwitCelebGossip that fans can expect new music in 2018: “The release is due this year,

“We’re working on the music now, and it’s due to be recorded soon, I can’t wait!”

He added: “Fans have waited for ages, and I feel like I’m at the stage where I’m ready to do my own music.

Talking about his fans and how they’ve grown up with him, Ronan said: “I’ve been really lucky that I’ve kept fans that I had when I did Britain’s Got Talent through to now,

“I’ve not done loads recently but they’ve still been really loyal, I’m so lucky.”

Ronan also revealed that he’s eager to take his music around the world, and not just settle for tours in the UK: “I’d love to go in as many places as we could in the UK but I’ve done so much here and performed in all the major cities you can think of, and I’ve been really lucky with that.

“I’m excited for Canada that’s been confirmed – I’ve never been there, so I’m really excited!

“We’ve also got different places confirmed that I haven’t been before. So not only can I visit them, I get to perform, which is great.

“I find that fans bases in different countries are completely different and they like different things, different music, and they react differently to songs that you sing.

Ronan concluded with: “I’ll find it quite interesting to see how people are reacting in different places.”

Canada and France have both been confirmed as locations where Ronan will perform on his tour.

Although no other locations have been confirmed for Ronan’s tour at the time of writing, Ronan’s manager told us that they’re working behind the scenes with the tour promoter ND Events (Bordeaux) to finalise venues and countries.

At the start of 2018, Ronan treated fans (Ronanators) with an online exclusive of ‘Imagine’, he tweeted: “I want to say thank you for the support with this video. I’m excited for 2018 & your support means the world to me.”

The interview took place on 16th December 2017 backstage at Aladdin Panto, Northwich Memorial Court, credit to onsite reporter Josh Howe.

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