Saturday, 10 June, 2023

X Factor 2013: Week 7 Song List ‘10th Anniversary ’!

The X-Factor live shows are back for the 6th week! This Saturday at 8pm ITV.

This week it’s Great British Songbook Week! With the remaining 7 contestants all singing great British songbooks!

Below are the songs each contestant will be singing on Saturday:

Hannah Barrett – Hallelujah

Luke Friend – What Makes You Beautiful

Nicholas McDonald – The Climb

Rough Copy – Don’t Let Go

Sam Bailey – Bleeding Love

Tamera Foster – Impossible

Who will make week 8?
The judges will each give their comments to the acts… BUT it all comes down to the public who decides which two hopefuls face elimination on Sunday night’s results show!

All of this weekend’s tracks are available to pre-order now.
Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on ITV to join The X Factor’s 10th Anniversary!
Are you ready?

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