YouTuber Logan Paul forced to make citizen’s arrest


Disgraced Youtuber Logan Paul has been forced to make a citizen’s arrest.

Logan Paul was forced to make a citizen’s arrest on Tuesday evening after an unknown man broke into his house.

Logan discovered a man had broke into his house on Tuesday evening – to charge his phone.

According to TMZ, Logan was out that evening and his friends who were at his house admitted they heard someone downstairs – but thought it was Logan.

Later that evening when Logan returned to his house in San Fernando Valley, he discovered a man sitting on his couch, charging his phone.

The US site reports: “Law enforcement tells us the guy knew it was Logan’s house and just wanted to meet him,”

It’s been reported that Logan made a citizen’s arrest and then called the police.

The mystery guy has been charged for criminal trespass.

Logan has caused more controversy since his ‘suicide forest‘ scandal – He’s now uploaded a video to his channel where he’s shown firing a taser at two dead rats.

One Twitter user said: “I’d love to say Logan Paul has changed and learnt to respect dead things since coming back on YouTube,

“But now he’s just tasering them instead.”

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