Sunday, 3 December, 2023

JLS Announce Final Tour Set List!

Your very own JLS boys took to twitter where they announced on paper one boy at a time what the official set list for the tour is going to be. Not only did they each write songs in the set list, they all wrote using their own colours!

Kicking off with Aston Merrygold who of course, wrote in blue pen, told fans the first set of songs would include; Hottest Girl In The World, Eyes Wide Shut and Billion Lights. After writing the list, he uploaded a picture to his twitter of him holding the paper and with a ‘…’ at the end; soon JB was to follow uploading his list 10 minutes later.

Our boy in yellow, JB Gill followed with his list with songs such as; Dessert, So Many Girls and Crazy For You, but as well as this list, he held Aston’s in sequence to show the full list so far. After JB of course comes the ORIginator himself.

Oristé Williams with style and in red pen wrote additional hits to the list to make up at set list of 22 songs! With songs like a cover of Umberella on there as well as their own Hold Me Down and Proud, Oritsé uploaded his picture of him with the three lists.

Marvin Humes came a little later than the time he said but with the final set list in green pen, he tweeted a picture of him with all four of the lists making up the final thing of a grand total THIRTY songs! WOW. Including songs such as; If I Ever, Beat Again and Everybody In Love, the set list was now complete. However.. was it? No.. because Mr Humes forgot to add She Makes Me Wanna.. ooopsyy!

So, with the full list finally told, with tour setting off in Ireland this weekend coming, the fans are extremely excited as are the boys! #JLSTourSetList even trended while the boys were revealing the excitement.

If you missed the full set list, you can see it below:

  1. Hottest Girl In The World
  2. Have Your Way
  3. The Club Is Alive
  4. One Shot
  5. Eyes Wide Shut
  6. Billion Lights
  7. Keep You
  8. Superhero
  9. Only Tonight
  10. I Know What She Like
  11. Only Making Love
  12. Dessert
  13. So Many Girls
  14. Close To You
  15. Crazy For You
  16. 3D
  17. Better For You
  18. Acoustic Medley
  19. Take A Chance On Me
  20. Hold Me Down
  21. Billionaire
  22. Proud
  23. Umbrella
  24. If I Ever / Love You More
  25. Beat Again
  26. Treasure
  27. Do You Feel What I Feel?
  28. She Makes Me Wanna
  29. End Of The Road
  30. Everybody In Love

For anyone going to tour, we hope you all have the best time you possibly can at the emotional time, just remember all the brilliant memories!

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