Survival Of The Fittest: The girls and boys descend on The Lodge


    In Survival Of The Fittest launch show, 12 strong and sexy singles enter The Lodge for the ultimate battle of the sexes.

    Arriving on two separate safari jeeps, a Girl and a Boy from each team get dropped off and are faced with a walk over a bridge across The Waterhole to The Lodge.

    First to arrive are Dani and Callum. On the jeep, Dani says: “This is mad! Oh my God, it’s so beautiful!” and when she meets Callum at the drop off, they shout, “Oi oi” at each other before making their way over the bridge.

    They crack open the bubbles and pour themselves a glass to cheers. “Bring it on!” Dani tells him.

    Jenny and David are the next two team members to arrive at the bridge. Before they start the walk across The Waterhole, David says, “I’ll be a gentleman, ladies first.” Jenny replies, “Thank you, you could catch me if I fall though.”

    Tia and Warren meet at the bridge next. As they walk over the bridge hand in hand, Warren says, “This is like something out of Indiana Jones right? Crocodile Dundee!”

    Once she joins the other Girls in raising a glass, Tia jokes, “Just remember not to get distracted, do you know what I mean?” checking out the Boys. Jenny says, “We’ve got three more to come in!”

    Georgia and James are next to cross The Waterhole and arrive at The Lodge. Georgia admits, “I’m really nervous” and James jokes “I bet I know why you’re nervous. It’s because you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the guys and you’re scared of the competition.”

    Mariam and Ryan are the next to cross the bridge together. Both dressed in white, the Girls and Boys already in The Lodge cheer and chant the Wedding March to welcome them.

    The final Girl and Boy to enter The Lodge are Tristan and Georgie.

    Once all team members have arrived, the Girls raise a glass and group hug whilst the Boys go off as a team to explore their new surroundings.

    Host Laura Whitmore flies to The Lodge in a helicopter before crossing the bridge herself to greet the Girls and Boys.

    Asking the Boys what they think of the opposition, Callum says they are “a naughty bunch” while Georgia jokes that the weaknesses in the Boys’ team is Callum. He and the other Boys laugh.

    Laura tells the group: “For the next three weeks, you guys will be living in this luxury Lodge with these beautiful surroundings… But I’m afraid some of you won’t be here for long.

    “Only the team members living in The Lodge in three weeks’ time will be in with a chance of winning a share of £40,000 in cash.

    “To help decide who stays and who goes, you are going to be going head to head in a series of team challenges that will test you both physically and mentally… It is very important to win because if your team loses you will be vulnerable and there is a risk that you will be replaced by a new arrival…

    Laura added: “Ultimately who stays and who goes home is decided not just by the public, but also by the opposition so keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

    She goes on to explain that the teams will soon face their first team challenge.

    Laura says: “It’s made up of six head-to-head challenges and the person that you’re up against is the person who you arrived with earlier on today.”

    Dani says, “Bring it on Callum!” and Tristan says of his competitor, Georgie, “I feel sorry for her going up against me.” Georgie replies, “Big talk. I think that he underestimates me massively.”

    Later in The Treehouse, Dani says: “I want to beat the Boys. I think we will as well.”

    In the Treehouse, Callum says: “Overall, I think the Boys are going to bring it home, pretty easy. We’ve got all the tactics. We are all going to smash it and proper work hard.”

    David and James are outside speculating about what the challenge might involve.

    David says: “Me and Jenny are both big but if we turn up and it’s a mental challenge, that’s completely irrelevant.”

    Later in The Treehouse, Georgia says: “I know eventually I am going to take on all the lads, hot, not, whatever. But I don’t think it is going to be a problem because I’ve come here for a reason and that reason is to take home the money so bring it on.”

    On the sofas, Ryan tells Tristan that he doesn’t want to go home if they lose and Tristan says he has thought about trying to “crack on” to gain some advantage. Warren tells them both, “I am more for mates before dates and being a squad, being a unit and carrying each other through it. Girls are girls. Think long term. That’s £40k… Eye on the prize.”

    Later in The Treehouse, Warren says, “The risk of lads going beyond enemy lines. They say that they are loyal to our squad at the moment but I think their heads will be easily turned… Loyalties will soon be found out.”

    Mariam explains her reservations about going up against Ryan, saying she thinks he looks like Anthony Joshua – who she fancies.

    In the dressing room, Georgia says she fancies Tristan because of his beautiful eyes and David because of his physique. She tells Mariam and Tia, “At the end of the day, we’ve just got to flirt our asses off and that is our advantage.”

    Later in The Treehouse, David admits: “Georgia is a gorgeous girl, 100 per cent my type and she is good craic as well. Obviously eyes are on the prize right now and I’m always on the Boys’ team so we’ll see what develops.”

    Fresh from the news of an impending challenge, James and his opposition, Georgia, are talking in the kitchen. James says, “Do you actually think you’ll beat me in the challenge, because I’m really competitive…”

    Georgia replies, “So am I.”

    In The Treehouse, James admits: “I was trying to woo her a little bit, work my charm, be a gentleman, make her think that I’m a nice guy and then when the challenge comes, a different James comes out.”

    Survival of the Fittest starts tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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