Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin is ‘back on benefits’ after quitting the Channel 4 show


    Former Gogglebox star Sandra Martin has revealed that she’s back on benefits after quitting the show and ‘blowing her money’.

    Gogglebox star Sandra Martin has said she’s struggling financially since leaving the Channel 4 show that she’s returned to benefits.

    Speaking on Loose Women on Tuesday 13, Sandra has said she’s signed on at the Job Centre and ‘would accept job at McDonald’s or KFC’.

    “I could do any job. I’m going to social tomorrow to do my job search. So I’m going to be working soon, but in a normal job. No biggie.”

    Sandra mentioned that Channel 4 didn’t give her any advice on how to manage her money: “No one advised me.

    “No disrespect to them. My friends in the community, they needed food for their children. The money just went.”

    She continued: “For eight months, I didn’t live nowhere. I stayed in hotels. Then I went down to the job centre. Went to the homeless – they put me up in temporary accommodation.

    “I’ve just got my bedsit. I’m waiting for a door to open. I definitely would like to go in the Big Brother house but I don’t think they’d want me because I talk too much.”

    Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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