Dancing On Ice celebs made to sign ‘death clause’ before they can perform stunts


Dancing On Ice stars had to sign a ‘death clause’ to stop payouts if they die performing stunts in skates.

Dancing On Ice features many dangerous stunts performed by celebrities on the ice, and as part of any big production show, the celebrities were made to sign a contract before being let loose on the show.

As the risks are especially high because many of the celebrities are inexperienced, they were made to ‘sign their lives away’ when they agreed to the show.

ITV bosses insist that everyone taking part in the show is fully insured in case a stunt goes wrong or possibly kills them.

An insider told the Daily Star: “Some stunts are so dangerous that performers are asked to sign waivers.

“It means they have an insurance policy in case it goes wrong and the worst happens. If they were to die because a stunt went wrong there would be a huge payout.

The source added: “It’s pretty standard for performers to sign a waiver, especially for a show with as many stunts as the Dancing on Ice tour. A good example is the ‘headbanger’ which can be very risky.”

Dancing On Ice continues next weekend on ITV.

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