Monday, 5 June, 2023

Shane Dawson launches a brand new YouTube series with ‘hater’ Bobby Burns

Shane Dawson has allowed his ‘hater’ Bobby Burns to start a new series on his hugely successful YouTube Channel.

Shane Dawson shocked his 12 million following on YouTube on Sunday by posting a video showcasing a new series.

Shane is known for his popular mini-series that show him exploring haunted places, pranking his close friends and showing his fans an indepth look into his personal life.

In a new twist, Shane has allowed his ‘hater’ Bobby Burns to publish one video every Sunday on his YouTube channel. At the start of the video, Shane said: “I know what you’re thinking… Shane… Why are you posting a video on Sunday?”

Shane continued: “Well today is not going to be my video. A few months ago I flew in my ‘hater’ Bobby Burns to come make some videos with me on my Channel,

“We had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed working with him – I thought he had a lot of talent.”

Shane explained: “We told you guys [subscribers] that we wanted to do some kind of series on my Channel, on Sunday’s, that’ll be his thing.

“I’m going to let him do whatever he wants – I trust him, I like his stuff. I’m very curious to see what he does.”

Episode One that went live on Shane’s Channel showed Bobby spending $1k to dress like a typical YouTuber.

Bobby brought attention to himself late last year after posting a video of him criticising Shane’s conspiracy videos, he branded them as “terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible content.”

Shane flew Bobby to his house in hopes of learning what caused Bobby to hate his videos so much.

Bobby eventually revealed that he was a fan of Shane and a regular viewer of his content.

Bobby’s series will continue next Sunday on Shane’s Channel.

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