Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

Ant and Dec to feature in the new series of Britain’s Got More Talent with Stephen Mulhern

Ant and Dec will both feature on Britain’s Got More Talent as it returns to ITV2 for the 12th year hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Stephen Mulhern will be getting to know a whole new host of hilarious unseen Britain’s Got Talent contestants in his own unique way and as ever, it’s these acts that make Britain’s Got More Talent such compelling viewing.

This year’s contestants include veteran BGT auditionee David Watson who is back to show off his impressions, a dog that talks, a woman who takes Stephen’s socks off with her teeth, and an action man with a giraffe’s head.

As always, Stephen continues to get the very best access to the judges, getting the inside scoop for BGMT viewers who will find out what the judges really think of the contestants and most importantly, what the judges think of each other.

Stephen discovers who really is the Sexiest Dave in a game with David Walliams, and gets Simon Cowell and David to admit hilarious stories from their past in a game of ‘Truth or False’.

The madness continues as Stephen celebrates Amanda’s 50th birthday (three years too early!), but Amanda gets her own back, whilst wearing only her dressing gown.

Stephen Mulhern
Stephen Mulhern

The fun and games continue with Ant and Dec getting up to more nonsense backstage as Stephen helps the boys relive their children’s TV years playing Wonkey Donkey, let’s just hope Dec can keep his cool in this classic rhyming game.

Stephen also challenges Ant and Dec to a round of golf, Heads Up, and an assortment of other games to test them and their patience to the limit.

Stephen said: “We’ve got some of the funniest stuff with Ant and Dec, we’ve brought back Wonkey Donkey from SMTV: Live.

He added: “It’s bizarre seeing them play their own game.”

It was unclear if ITV bosses were going to edit Ant McPartlin out of BGMT since he was arrested and subsequently charged for a drink-driving offence – But Ant will indeed be shown in pre-recorded footage for the new series.

Britain’s Got More Talent will go live straight after the BGT semi-finalists are revealed later in the series.

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 14th April, 8pm on ITV.

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