This year’s Britain’s Got Talent judges golden buzzer acts are all singers – Ant and Dec instead pick a magician


This year’s Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzers acts are all singers, except for Ant and Dec’s, they picked a magician.

This spring sees the return of the nation’s favourite variety talent show, Britain’s Got Talent, celebrating 12 years on our screens. And with no shortage of variety or talent, the judging panel have been surprised, charmed and moved to tears by a whole host of acts whilst looking for 2018’s winning performance.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams return once again to their rightful thrones on the judging panel with Ant and Dec on hand and waiting in the wings to provide support and congratulations to each of the acts performing for the judges, the live audience and viewers at home.

It’s been revealed ahead of the Britain’s Got Talent 2018 launch this weekend on ITV, that all this year’s golden buzzer acts are singers.

Amanda Holden was asked that because all the judges have pressed their golden buzzers for singers, will that make it more competitive? Amanda responded with: “It makes it super annoying, I didn’t realise we’d all pressed for singers.

“I’m annoyed about that! But it’s not my fault because I pressed mine first!”

Amanda added: “I pressed it [golden buzzer] on the first day in Blackpool and that’s not something I would have predicted. I thought I would have played a longer game. I thought I’d be paranoid that I would miss out on so much more. But you have to go with the feeling in your tummy and I got that feeling.

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden

“I had to press my golden buzzer. It was right in the moment; the man did an amazing rendition of his song. For me he was in absolutely the right time, the right moment, the right person. I can’t wait to see what he does in the live shows.”

Alesha Dixon said: “It’s really interesting that we’ve all gone for singers this year. The fact that I sing and dance I consciously make an effort to go for a golden buzzer act that people aren’t expecting. But you can’t deny what moves you and what makes you feel good.

“It’s interesting that even David has gone for a singer, I get it with Simon because he generally goes for singers, and Amanda’s got an incredible singer, so yeah, this year is battle of the singers!”

David Walliams said: “I hadn’t thought we’d all picked singers so I suppose it makes it more competitive. No one’s golden buzzer has actually won the show yet, so we will see!

“Ant and Dec got a really great magician but we all picked singers. I guess there’s a kind of euphoria which comes with music which is hard to match. If you pick the right song then the audiences are in a fantastic mood and you have a big moment.

David Walliams
David Walliams

David added: “I’d quite like to have given it to a comic, but you don’t know what’s coming next, so you just have to go with your instincts in the moment. It’s a bit like your virginity; you can’t wait to get it over with because the longer you wait the more tense you get! So all the judges buzzed before we even got to Manchester, so I felt a bit sorry for the acts there!”

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 14th April, 8pm on ITV.

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