Stephen Mulhern explains why he missed four days of Britain’s Got Talent auditions


Stephen Mulhern missed the first four dates of Britain’s Got Talent auditions because he lost his voice – He also explains how the judges and Ant & Dec helped him in his return.

Stephen Mulhern shockingly missed four dates of filming for Britain’s Got More Talent as he lost his voice because of panto.

Talking about what happened, Stephen said: “I literally lost my voice, it was the most frustrating thing ever. I went to the doctor and she could clearly hear that I couldn’t talk so she sent me to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

“They put this big camera down my throat and I was told that if I didn’t stop speaking completely for two weeks then I could permanently damage my vocal chords. So, I couldn’t talk at all, not even a whisper because apparently that’s even worse than trying to talk. So, for the first time in 12 years I had to miss four days of filming.”

When Stephen was asked what it was like knowing auditions were going on and what it was like missing out, he said: “It was horrible. I got a lovely message from Ant and Dec, but you just feel like you’re missing a limb.

Stephen Mulhern
Stephen Mulhern

“I know that sounds ridiculous but because it’s always been us all together, to be missing from that was tough. At one point, I did say they should get someone else to do the days I wasn’t there so that we still had content, but ITV said, and I took this as a huge compliment, that I’ve made the show my own and there’s no other presenter they could see doing it in the style I do it.”

Missing four dates of filming for Britain’s Got More Talent had an impact on the production crew, Stephen explained: “The problem is that there was literally nothing that the team could do without me being there. That was the problem because the whole thing about More Talent is we do the fun side to the main show, we get away with a lot more, we do all the eccentric stuff, so there was simply nothing that could be done.”

Days later Stephen managed to recover his voice enough so he was able to return to work, he said: “Normally our day would start around 10.30am on camera and we’d finish about 1am. So, we had to recoup all that time we missed.

“What was four days off ended up being over nine days extra work. We had to get acts back that I’d missed which was just bizarre because some of them had been given a no by the judges but still wanted to come on our show. If it was me I’d have said, ‘stuff it!’. I know it sounds ridiculous but it felt like more pressure because we had to go in and hit the ground running.”

Stephen mentioned that Ant and Dec were super helpful in his return to the show: “The amazing thing is that Simon, all the judges and Ant and Dec just gave us so much more material because they realised we needed to catch up on so much that we’d missed.

“I had an interview with Simon which was nearly 20 minutes long, that’s unheard of. They were all so helpful.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 14th April, 8pm on ITV.

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