Ant and Dec hit their Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer for magician Marc Spelmann


Ant and Dec have hit their golden buzzer for 46-year-old magician Marc Spelmann following his emotional audition.

Tonight saw the return of the nation’s favourite variety talent show, celebrating 12 years on our screens.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams returned to the judging panel with Ant and Dec – The Geordie duo were on hand to provide support for the acts performing.

All four judges and Ant & Dec have the opportunity to give the act they think has that extra special something an automatic place in the Britain’s Got Talent live semi-finals with the use of the Golden Buzzer. That’s exactly what Ant and Dec did in the first episode of the new series.

Marc Spelmann, 46-year-old magician from London, performed a mind reading routine involving the judges and his daughter – It left Ant in tears.

Ant McPartlin became emotional as Marc began to involve his personal story in his magic act. Marc’s story relays his and his wife’s struggles with IVF – This must have hit Ant following his own fertility battles with estranged wife Lisa Armstrong.


Marc’s magic trick involved a Rubik’s cube, a Harry Potter book, a children’s toy, and a coloured crayon – It concluded with his two-year-old daughter Isabella, predicting the judges outcomes in a pre-recorded video that took place two years before his BGT audition.

In Marc’s prediction video that was shown during his audition it explained his troubles: “On the 23rd December 2015, I discovered real magic.

“Despite over 5 years of IVF & my wife being diagnosed with cancer whilst pregnant, our daughter Isabella made it through the chemotherapy to make our dreams come true.

The video then started to predict the judges outcomes: “This video was filmed two months ago, she will only draw with one crayon.”

A picture that Isabella drew appeared on the screen, that was coloured in red. The red crayon that David Walliams picked out of the crayon pack.

The video continued: “This was six months ago, she won’t sleep without her favourite cuddly toy,” Isabella was shown sleeping with her puppet penguin (the same card Alesha Dixon randomly picked out the desk of cards).

The video then said: “She’s forever taking daddy’s things, she mixed this Rubik’s cube nine months ago..” A picture then appeared of an Rubik’s cube that’s top matched exactly Amanda’s on her judging panel.

Credit: ITV

Marc concluded with: “Simon, that leaves just you. For the very first time, what was the word you circled?”

Simon responded with: “Hat.”

Marc said: “Simon, this is for you…”

Marc then resumed the video, it said: “Simon, this was filmed two years ago, Isabella has something to tell you.” Marc asked his daughter Isabella if he was to apply for Britain’s Got Talent in two years time, what random word do you think Simon would think of? Isabella replied with ‘hat’ to Simon’s amazement.

Unsurprisingly Marc received a standing ovation and before the judges could vote, Ant and Dec sprinted out of the wings to hit their golden buzzer.

Simon said: “I’m gobsmacked, thank goodness your daughter is OK. Don’t know what you’ve gone through Marc, I have a feeling this act will change your life. It was unbelievable.”

Ant said he was ’emotional’ following Marc’s audition: “You had me in tears man, that was remarkable. Well done pal!

“See you in the live shows.”

Marc Spelmann is now automatically through to the Britain’s Got Talent live semi-finals thanks to Ant and Dec.

Britain’s Got Talent continues next weekend on ITV.

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