Ant McPartlin pleads guilty to drink driving following car crash


TV presenter Ant McPartlin has pleaded guilty to drink driving following a three car crash last month in London.

TV presenter Ant McPartlin has pleaded guilty in court to drink driving following a car crash in London last month.

The 42-year-old TV presenter arrived at court during the afternoon of Monday (April 16) to a crowd of photographers.

Ant has been charged with drink driving following a collision with two other vehicles while driving his Mini in Richmond (London) on 18 March 2018.

Ant was twice over the legal limit.

The legal limit is 35 mcg, and Ant blew a breathalyser reading of 75mcg (of alcohol per 100ml of breath).

Speaking in court, Ant McPartlin’s lawyer Liam Walker said: “Anthony McPartlin is sorry. He is doing everything he can so this never happens again.

“He hopes that in time he can make himself better and that he might be forgiven by all of the people that he has let down so terribly.”


It was revealed in court that Ant was struggling to come to terms with the collapse of his marriage.

Ant said he is “ashamed and mortified” and “accepts full responsibility” in a letter that was read out to the court, he added he let himself “and so many others down”.

The Judge told Ant during his sentencing: “It appears you took a bend at too fast a speed,”

She added: “’You are a well known and successful entertainer’ and you have pleaded guilty.”

District Judge Barbara Barnes said: “Your reading was more than twice the legal limit.” She accepted that Ant had personal and alcohol problems and had suffered a “relapse”.

She added that Ant showed genuine remorse and that he acknowledges the impact on family friends and fans who will be “disappointed by what you have done”.

The Judge told Ant that there will be a fine but the ‘financial pain must be greater than for someone on lower income’.

Ant has been fined £86,000, the judge said: “That is a lot of money but it reflects your ability to pay” cost of £85 also and a surcharge of £170 – It needs to be payable within 14 days.

Ant has also been banned from driving for 20 months.

Lastly, Ant has been allowed to attend a drink drive referral scheme which will reduce his ban to 15 months if he attends it by 16th May 2019.

Ant has accepted this sentence – The Judge has not ordered him to pay any compensation to other affected drivers. It’s been said the compensation claims can be made through relevant insurance.

Leaving the court, Ant told the media on the steps of Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court: “I am truly sorry for what happened,

“Higher standards are expected of me. I expect them of myself. I let myself down; I let a lot of people down.

“For that I’m truly sorry. I’d like to apologise to everybody involved in the crash, and I’m just thankful nobody was seriously hurt.”

Days following the crash, Ant entered rehab for a second time to treat his “alcohol and emotional issues” – Ant’s court date was originally set for April 4 but it was pushed back amid claims he was completing an ‘intense’ phase of his rehab recovery.

A source at the time told The Sun: “Court officials agreed to push the court date back because Ant is in intensive rehab right now,

“They’re mindful of his personal problems and accept that he is taking pro-active steps to deal with those issues, which is a positive thing.”

Ant’s co-hosting partner Declan Donnelly hosted the final two episodes of Saturday Night Takeaway solo, and it’s been announced that he will host the Britain’s Got Talent live shows solo as well while Ant takes the time away from the camera’s to recover.

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