Tuesday, 21 January, 2020

You need to watch BBC iPlayer drama ‘Keeping Faith’

Have you watched BBC Wales Drama ‘Keeping Faith’ yet? If not, you’re in luck because BBC iPlayer have extended availability of the show until Monday!

Eve Myles’ latest drama, which was originally broadcast on BBC Wales, has taken the nation by storm, reaching out from Wales to touch the hearts of those all across Britain.

The drama tells the story of Faith Howells, played by Eve Myles, who is a busy mother, wife and lawyer living what most people would consider an ordinary life. However, she is drawn into a web of secrets and lies after her husband Evan Howells, played by Eve’s real husband Bradley Freegard, goes missing.

Keeping a calm exterior for the sake of her children, Faith begins to try and uncover the secrets which had been kept below the surface of their marriage.

All of the cast deliver an outstanding performance, with all 8 episodes delivering a perfect combination of romance, thrill and suspense along with the timely humour from Myles’ character adding light relief to the nail biting drama which unfolds.

Eve Myles excels in this drama, fitting the role of Faith perfectly. But she had to overcome a lot of challenges in order to play Faith, including learning a whole NEW language! The show was produced in both English and Welsh, leading Eve to originally turn down the part because she could not speak a word of Welsh, presenting a significant language barrier.

Talking to WalesOnline, she said: “Maybe, three years ago, Pip [Broughton, the director] got in touch with me about the part and was very excited about it and very dedicated to it, and would love me to play the part of Faith.

“She explained to me it was going to be Welsh and English and I don’t speak Welsh – well I didn’t speak Welsh”

“So obviously, I refused the part – it was bittersweet.

“She persisted and was sending emails over at 7.30 in the morning saying ‘I’m just going to send you this script, just have a read of it’.

“I was thinking ‘that’s all well and good, but it’s like asking me to speak Russian’.

I read the first episode and it was bittersweet because it was a fantastic part and a fantastic script – brilliant writing.

“And so challenging for where I’m at in my career – it’s something that I really needed.”

“I just needed a massive challenge; I was bored out of my mind.”

“I was bored of everything coming through the door, I kept turning work down, I didn’t want to do it – I had no interest in scripts.

“I needed Keeping Faith.”

And if we haven’t convinced you already, Keeping Faith is also a record breaking TV show! More than 9 million people have watched the show on BBC iPlayer, breaking the record for the most viewed non network show on the service.

This incredible popularity has led to it already being commissioned for a second series.

You can watch the trailer below:

You don’t have long to watch it though! Keeping Faith is only available on BBC iPlayer until Monday 7th May.

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