YouTuber Bobby Burns confirms he has not been fired by Shane Dawson


Bobby Burns has been forced to release a statement following rumours that Shane Dawson sacked the YouTuber from his channel.

Shane Dawson is known for his popular mini-series that show him exploring haunted places, pranking his close friends and showing his fans an indepth look into his personal life.

In recent months Shane has taken his YouTube Channel into a different direction – He’s started to publish mini series with other YouTubers, and inspiring individuals.

In March 2018, Shane confirmed that he’ll be partnering with his ‘hater’ Bobby Burns.

Shane revealed that Bobby would publish one video every Sunday on his YouTube channel that has over 13 million subscribers.

Since March, Bobby has posted three videos on Shane’s channel – They include ‘How Much Do YouTubers Spend?’, ‘Does Buying Comments Actually Work?’ and ‘Recreating YouTubers  Thumbnails’.

Bobby then went quiet and rumours started to circulate that Shane fired him from his YouTube Channel.

YouTuber ‘Standard Procedure’ posted a video on April 25 with the title ‘Why Shane Dawson Fired Bobby Burns’ and it’s gathered a lot of attention with over 550k views.

Bobby has now taken to Twitter on May 5 to confirm that he’s still working with Shane, in a short statement it read: “Shane did not fire me. My show on his channel is simply on hiatus so I can apply necessary focus to my own content.

“We are still pals. please stop spreading unsubstantiated rumors.”

He added: “Someone made a video titled “why Shane dawson fired bobby burns” and it has half a million views.

“That same guy emailed me a few days ago apologizing and said he was a fan of the channel and that he just did it for views. Fu*kin YouTube man.”

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UPDATE: Hours after this article was published, Shane Dawson has taken to Twitter to reveal that the Sunday show may not return, but he will continue to work with Bobby on other projects.

Shane released the following statement: “I didn’t fire Bobby Burns & there’s literally zero drama. like, none. haha we both just weren’t completely loving the sunday show so we put it on pause. it’s not easy admitting when something doesn’t work.”

He added: “But I think everything happens for a reason and I’m really happy that it all did. I’m genuinely excited to see bobby make more videos on his channel. that’s what i wanted in the first place as a fan of his stuff. anyways, there’s no drama or tea. i’m too old for it haha.”

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