Friday, 29 September, 2023

Far Too Far: New York, New York!

As you may be aware, in January, your FTF boys will be jetting off to the USA!

Earlier this month, Far Too Far announced the big news in a twitcam where fans could see their excitement as they revealed all. They took time teasing and making everyone guess what it could possibly be and writing one word at a time, they finally told everyone what was happening.

The trio will be off to record, write and video some new music and who knows; maybe the trip will be successful enough for them to even get signed? We hope so! January 28th is the day they go, so you may want to keep it in your diaries under ‘proud day’.


When I Was Your Man Cover
Not only with the excitement of going to the Big Apple, the cover of When I Was Your Man is still climbing in views and is up to an incredible 2,620. Although it’s great to see that number, wouldn’t it be nicer to see a higher number? The only way is to keep sharing the cover to everyone:


Twitter Games

Earlier this week, Jackson, Matt and Jamie took to twitter for a little game of #TruthOrDare for everyone to get a little interactive with them. There were of course some funny ones but the fans all enjoyed having a little game, maybe more will happen soon!


As Christmas is soon approaching, the lads keep asking Farnatics what Christmas song they’d like to hear them singing, a lot of different suggestions have been sent in, but I guess we’ll all have to wait until nearer the time. Also, Far Too Far will be doing a countdown to Christmas with a page on twitter so tweet them for more details on how to get involved or where to look!

Matt has also changed his twitter name, for more details, check below:

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