Friday, 20 May, 2022

Britain’s Got Talent semi finals branded ‘shambles’ after stage invader presses judges buzzers

A stage invader pressed three of the Britain’s Got Talent judges buzzers live on ITV this evening during the second semi final.

It’s only the second live show of the Britain’s Got Talent semi finals this week, and it’s already been branded as a ‘complete shamble’.

Following a scary performance by Magus Utopia, the judges were giving their verdict when a stage invader took their opportunity.

A member of the audience got up out of their seat, ran over to the judges panel and managed to sweep across pressing three of the buzzers – Much to Amanda fright.

Simon looked unimpressed and said: “Great, it’s one of those nights…”

Dec said: “Thankfully those buzzers don’t count,” He then went on to apologise about the disruption: “Apologies about our unwanted guest, some people just want to touch our buzzers.”

Twitter reacted as expected:

A BGT spokesperson said: “A member of the audience ran up and pressed the judges’ buzzers at the end of Magus Utopia’s act.

“The man was quickly apprehended by security and removed from the building.”

This isn’t the first disaster this week ITV producers have had to deal with.

On Monday’s first live semi-final Britain’s Got Talent went off-air as ITV lost connection with studio due to the bad weather.

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