Saturday, 21 May, 2022

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie to be adapted into film

Hit musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is set to be made into a major new film in collaboration with Film4.

Warp Films have teamed up with the creators of the hit musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie to adapt the award-winning theatre show into a major feature film in conjunction with Film4.

Warp Films have announced that they’re set to reunite with the original creative team, Jonathan Butterell (Director), Tom McRae (Writer) and Dan Gillespie-Sells (Composer) on the project, with script currently in development, and filming due to commence in 2019.

Mark Herbert and Peter Carlton will produce for Warp Films, with Ollie Madden and Celine Coulson overseeing development for Film4.

Jonathan Butterell, Director of the stage production and new feature film said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled that Warp Films are producing the film of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

“We were inspired by Jamie Campbell to tell this open hearted story of a boy looking to take his place in the world without shame or prejudice supported by the unflinching love of his Mum. Warp Films like Sheffield, the city in which they were founded, reflect the diverse and vibrant city that we chose to set our story in. For me it’s a coming home.”

Writer, Tom MacRae, said: “We can’t believe this. Three comprehensive school boys writing their first show together expecting a two and a half week run in Sheffield – and now it’s a West End hit that’s going to be turned into a major movie. Jamie’s taking his prom dress to Hollywood.”

Shaheen Baig, Casting Director said: “We would love to find a beautifully diverse cast right here in Sheffield. The story is set here and it’s the most obvious place to start our search!”

Warp Films also revealed that they are looking to cast thirty young people to star as the films principal Year 11 class, and will be holding an open casting call, challenging Sheffield to help them find their stars.

The class will be made up of principal characters as well as smaller roles, with Shaheen Baig casting the film.

People must be over 16 to apply, and ideally will be from Sheffield or the surrounding areas.

The production company is asking people to upload a one minute video of themselves along with some basic information to their website, but are keen to stress that they would like to see a variety of candidates and no experience is necessary to apply.

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