Saturday, 2 December, 2023

JLS Goodbye Tour: Merch Revealed!

If you’re wondering what kind of merchandise you can buy on tour.. find out here!

JLS will have tour merch on sale in every arena before, after or during the concerts where you can all go and buy your favourite items.

There will be some old and some new, including posters, hoodies, t-shirts, books, programmes, postcards and more so if you see something that takes your fancy, why not buy it!

Check out below the latest picture of the merch:




Programmes: £10
T-Shirt: £25 – £30
Foam Fingers: £10
Hoodie: £50
For updates on the tour merch for more details and information, such as prices, keep a check as we will update within the next few days when we know more ourselves.

We wish everyone the best time at tour! 

In other JLS related news, we have released the official tour set list, read it here!

Listen to JLS’ last ever single, Billion Lights below:


*prices will vary from venue to venue and depending on stock levels.

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