You won’t believe how many times “like” was said in last night’s episode of Love Island


Finally, Love Island has returned to our screens! 10 contestants have entered the villa ready for a summer of love, but it appears they have a favourite word…

You may have noticed whilst watching last night’s episode of Love Island, the obscene amount of times the word “like” was said. And if you didn’t- good luck watching tonight’s episode without noticing.

Thanks to everybody’s TV show, This Morning, we know exactly how many times “like” was said in last night’s episode alone, and you won’t believe it!

219 in last night’s show,” declared Phil.

“That is overused. The most overused word,” added Holly.

“Amazing,” Phil replied, encouraging Holly to confess “I say amazing all the time. They should have a challenge [where] they get penalised for using the word ‘like’. We’re a ‘like’-free zone.”

It seems that Niall Aslam was the biggest culprit, using “like” every other word more or less! Although, his mother did tell the producers that he tends to say the word more when he is annoyed, and he was clearly aggravated by Adam’s choice to couple up with Niall’s Love Island potential, Kendall.

Along with this shocking number, it has also been revealed that more people applied to Love Island than Cambridge and Oxford university combined.

The Daily Mail reported that the prestigious universities received a combined 36,000 applications this year, whereas the reality show attracted approximately 85,000 applications!

Love Island 2018 continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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