Saturday, 2 December, 2023

JLS Goodbye Tour: The Boys Get Sexual On Stage!

The JLS boys are getting cheeky on tour with their little dance moves!

Oritsé, JB, Marvin and Aston are pulling out all the stops for the last tour with their dance moves that are definitely there for the girls. During a couple of the songs, you’ll have surprises of hip thrusts and more… hip thrusts! You got it.. the boys are making the most of this!

Video footage from the Belfast tour date have been flying around the internet today with fans getting excited for what’s to come on tour with many surprises, the dance moves being one.

We all know JLS love to throw in a dance move here or there so why can’t they be a little naughty on stage and have a bit of fun? They’re definitely living this to the full and let’s just say…you might need to control yourselves as there will be a lot of screams in the arena!

Don’t get too flustered by the boys’ serenading dance moves! We hope you all enjoy their fine moves..and the whole concert of course!

Watch it below:


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