Emma Willis spills the beans on the new Celebrity Big Brother house: “There’s a house within a house”


Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis has spilled the beans on the new house ahead of the new series starting Thursday.

Next Thursday (16th August) at 9pm, on Channel 5, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ returns with a new look and a new theme – ‘Eye of the Storm’.

All of the celebrity names entering the house will have been caught up in their own media storm. And now, the celebrities are once again putting themselves in the public eye, and this time they have a lot to prove.

Celebrity Big Brother is all set with a whole new series of tasks, twists and surprises to bond, divide and entertain the celebrity housemates and viewers alike.

Ahead of the new series, Emma Willis sat down to answer some questions:

What’s different about the house this series?

Emma said: “Well, and this is very exciting, there’s a house within a house. That’s all I can say.”

This year’s theme is ‘Eye of the Storm’. That sounds like there are some pretty amazing celebrities lined up?

Emma said: “Yes! When I heard a few of the names of the celebs coming on this year my jaw hit the floor!

“I think the theme is interesting because it is the eye of the storm so from what I believe we will see people who themselves have been in the eye of the storm be that either on the receiving or giving end.

“What will be really interesting is  seeing the other side of the stories that we’ve not heard before.”

What do you think of the new Eye logo?

Emma replied: “I love it! I always think it must be difficult to keep creating a new eye logo but I really like this one, I love the neon.”

What stands out for you from that past 18 years?

Emma revealed: “I think the fact that I’m still as addicted to Big Brother now as I was in the beginning speaks for itself. I’m always amazed by the mix of people that end up together in the house, on paper it doesn’t seem like it would work but it always ends up being brilliant.

CBB 2018 eye

“As well as a great selection of housemates, the tasks form a big part of Big Brother and quite often create the best moments in the house.”

Do you still get a buzz from presenting CBB / BB?

Emma said: “Of course! I love Big Brother and I’m as addicted to the show now as I was 18 years ago. Even if I didn’t work on it I would still watch it every evening.”

Celebrity Big Brother starts on Thursday 16th August, 9pm, Channel 5.

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