Celebrity Big Brother viewers want Rodrigo thrown out the house following final warning for using N-word


Celebrity Big Brother viewers want Rodrigo Alves out of the house after he was handed a final warning by producers for using the N-word.

Celebrity Big Brother producers handed Rodrigo Alves a final warning for using the N-word twice on his first night in the house.

In a conversation that took place in the early hours of Friday, Rodrigo used the N-word twice when saying that Dan Osborne is “not my type”.

“I like a **** boy, do you know what I mean?” he said. “I like a **** boy, he’s too white for my sake,” Rodrigo said.

‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo was brought into the Diary Room the morning after and was issued a first and final warning by producers as he was reminded of “the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour”.

Big Brother said: “This morning, at 2.40am in the bedroom, in a conversation with Dan, Chloe, Gabby and Natalie, you used the N-word twice,

“Rodrigo, this word is highly offensive, and very likely to cause significant offence to both your housemates, and more importantly, the viewing public.”

Rodrigo then tried to explain himself to Big Brother by saying: “Last night, I was very excited to be here, and I had quite a lot to drink.

“Today I’m very hungover, I’ve been drinking a lot of water, and I was regretting that, the fact that I used the N-word, it was obviously not necessary at all, it was just excitement, I’d had quite a lot to drink.”

Big Brother added: “None of that is relevant, Rodrigo, that is not an excuse.

“Big Brother regards your language in this instance to be totally unacceptable and Big Brother does not tolerate such language in the house.”

The eye continued: “As a result of your use of this offensive language, Big Brother is giving you a formal and final warning. If you use this language in the house again, you will be removed from the house immediately.”

Big Brother viewers aren’t happy with the situation and have demanded his removal from the house.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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