Saturday, 2 December, 2023

JLS Goodbye Tour: Marvin Sets His Towel On Fire!

It’s the 2nd date of the JLS’ Goodbye Tour where they’re playing to thousands of people each date across UK Arenas!

Apparently in tonight’s show a fire started all thanks to Marvin Humes. It appears that Marvin let go of his towel during the performance of “Love You More” and it caught on fire when it hit some sparks on stage.

Marvin then said “that was so electric it set my towel on fire” showing the audience the towel.

JB said “YES!!hahahaha x” when a fan asked if it was true.

This isn’t the only time Marvin has had bad luck on stage… Remember when he slipped over on stage in front of thousands? No? Maybe when he threw his shoe in the audience and hit someone? No? haha it was amazing! Maybe the time he got stuck in a harness during the boys 4th Dimensions Tour? Legend! 😉

Pictures and videos will be posted soon.

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