Friday, 29 September, 2023

JLS Goodbye Tour: Aston Forgets Lyrics & Oritsé Breaks Down!

Tonight JLS again took to the stage full of emotions at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham!

As you can expect not one of the four boys can believe it’s coming to the end of JLS and tonight’s date showed that to many fans.

JLS Brake Down During Tour.

It has been reported that during a performance tonight Aston forgot his lyrics as the tears took over, realising that it won’t be the same after December. Not only that but Oritsé also broke down in tears during the gig tonight and many JLSters in the audience also broke down alongside him as his face was shown on the arena’s big screen.

During the end of the concert Oritsé thanked everyone for coming down saying “we love you so much Nottingham“.

We can’t believe it’s coming to the end and neither can our boys.

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