Saturday, 16 October, 2021

Five fun ways to enjoy Netflix as a new season of Stranger Things is coming

Get the snacks out

Netflix has come a long way since its beginning as an online DVD rental company back in the late nineties.

Netflix was the main rival to Blockbuster, and back then you could subscribe and have access to unlimited DVDs which would be sent to your house through the post. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that the company started streaming and the site in which we know it today started snowballing in popularity.

These days, Netflix is a household name with 140 million of us across the globe paying for our monthly account.

Here are just some of the reasons we all love the service.

Have a movie night with the family

We all lead such busy lives, to the point that we hardly see our own family at some days. The kids are at school, the adults are at work, then there’s cleaning and shopping to do, errands to be run, it can be manic. So setting time within your busy schedules aside to sit and relax together can be so beneficial. Make family movie night a regular thing, make some snacks, get some blankets on the sofa and enjoy a good film. Of course, when you have a Netflix subscription you always have tons to choose from.

Get into a new show with your partner

Is there anything better than getting into a good series? Each episode ending on such a cliffhanger that you just can’t help but to put another one one. Great for rainy weekends or evenings spent together, especially if you don’t have the inclination to go out partying! Some of the top rated series to consider are Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Orange is the New Black. Order a takeaway and open a bottle of wine- what could be better?

Have a Netflix Party with friends online

This isn’t an official Netflix app, instead it’s Netflix Party is a Chrome extension and it’s been designed for watching Netflix remotely with friends. This means that if you have loved ones overseas you can sit and watch something together at the same time, or perhaps your partner is away on a business trip- you still get to watch a movie or an episode together as if you were in the same room. It gives you the feeling of being together much more than simply playing your own episodes at the same time.

Keep yourself busy on a flight

Long flights can be incredibly tedious, while some airlines will have in flight entertainment, not all do. Not to mention that what’s available might not be to your taste. Download Netflix on Mac or your laptop, and then save some movies and series to watch offline. When you’re entertained the flight will pass much more quickly, and it could be a chance to catch up on some shows people have recommended but you’ve not had the time to watch. We all know how fast watching four episodes of a great show pass by, so get into one on a flight and you’ll be at your destination before you know it!

Use it as a tool to keep the kids occupied (you’re welcome)

As parents, we all know the dangers of kids watching too much TV and not getting enough exercise. However, sometimes when we have things to do around the house, popping on their favourite show can be a lifesaver. Of course, TV should never replace going out and socialising and running around, but there’s a place for it in most of our lives. Kids enjoy watching tv and seeing their favourite characters, and so when you’re ploughing through housework and need them to stay occupied then it’s Netflix Kids to the rescue!

The above methods should help you enjoy Netflix over the coming weeks as Orange Is The New Black returns for Season 7 on July 26th, Stranger Things 3 will debut on the platform, and family favorite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp will be available to watch.

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