Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Una Foden Breaks Toe During Splash! 2014 Training!

The 32 year old singer from The Saturday’s has been announced as one of the celebrities to compete in the diving competition in which Tom Daley teaches them to dive.

Although Una broke her toe in training for the live shows, she wasn’t jumping off the board but having a practice into foam, known as a ‘dry dive’ where her toe ended up breaking.

Foden has been told to take it easy and she has tweeted her pain “I’ve had a broken baby toe for a couple of weeks. I know it’s the poorest excuse for a moan ever but boy does it hurt.”
We can agree that a broken toe doesn’t sound painful but really is!

However, Una isn’t the only injury during this season’s training as Rav Wilding had to pull out of the competition completely after hurting his leg.

We hope Una’s toe recovers soon and she can get back into full training.

The second series kicks off this weekend, Saturday 4th January, when celebrities including Gemma Merna, Ricky Groves, Perri Kiely and more will be put to the test in the first round of the competition. 

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