Sunday, 3 December, 2023

The Big Reunion 2014 Line-Up Announced!

The last series of The Big Reunion saw groups including Blue, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and B*witched go on a tour where they also got back into the studio together and coming together for a Christmas single.

The new series line-up includes A1, Damage, 3T, Girl Thing, new band 5th Story and headliners Eternal!

Although there is no talk of Louise Redknapp rejoining the band as of yet, there have been reports from The Sun of big money offers to come to the party.

Although there were rather big ructions within the band, they were the first girl group to sell a million albums in the UK. Band member Vernette says “We have a band member who doesn’t want to be there. What do you do with that?”

For the other bands, A1 had success but found it hard when fans were horrifically crushed at signings, drugs got involved with Damage, 3T had to live up to the legacy of their Jackson family and for Girl Thing, Simon Cowell didn’t approve and called them a “big mistake”.

There has been talking of this either going really well or a complete disaster for all bands.

Not only are all of these reforming, there will be a supergroup made up of Gareth Gates, Adam Rickitt, Kavana, Dane Bowers from Another Level and also Kenzie from Blazin’ Squad. This is exciting!

We hope the next series is as successful as the first and we hope old fans enjoy reliving their past memories!

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