Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Mike Hough Teases Fans About Aston Collaboration!

As you know, the two have been in talking and Mike tweeted saying “Watch out for me & @AstonMerrygold getting in the studio next year too.. That’s gonna be madness!”  To which Aston replied “Fully READY.”  We assume this will include recording and song writing together, we just hope they might actually release a collaboration together too.

The pair have great fanbases between them who are extremely supportive and will stay with them whatever decisions they make with their careers.

Mike has now tweeted, teasing fans and getting them extra excited for what’s to come in 2014 by saying “Turns out me and @AstonMerrygold got a lil surprise coming for you guys early 2014.. Stay ready ;-)”

We personally cannot wait for this and each tweet, we become more excited with each tweet and hint of their surprises.
Make sure you keep a look out on both their twitters and here at TCG.

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