Friday, 29 September, 2023

JB Gill Wants A Reality TV Show On Farming!

The 27 year old JLS Star JB has set up a farm as a new career path in which he is very passionate about.

Alongside his father, Keith Gill, JB runs a small farm as a “father son thing” but also as “an investment” which he went on saying “it’s something that’s different and close to my heart.”

Not only does he want this farm but is setting up a deer farm in Scotland with his girlfriend as it’s something he’s always wanted to do.

After seeing his close friends Marvin and Rochelle presenting, he thinks it’d be good to share a TV show with girlfriend Chloe Tangney which he went on to say to The Sun he “might have a Katie and Peter style reality TV series”.

He continued to say “It would have to be right for me. My aim is to set the farm up as a business, and everything after that has to be right for myself, my girlfriend and my family ”.

The split of the band has been an emotional time but due to them all still being so close, he feels farming is the next job he’d like to have.

We hope a TV series does happen as we’d like a JB and Chloe’s Farm or a Chlobe Farm shown on our TV’s. We wish Jonathan and Chloe the best of luck with their farms. 

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