Saturday, 2 December, 2023

No More Mrs Brown’s Boys Until 2015!

Actor Gary Hollywood who plays Dino Doyle, the hairdresser in the sitcom, has said Mrs Brown’s Boys will not return to TV until 2015.

Gary told the Daily Record that Brendan O’Carroll, the creator and main star, is too busy touring and the movie to write more at this moment in time.

“Brendan’s writing as quick as he can but I’m afraid viewers will have to wait another year before they see any new TV episodes” he went on to say.

They have been “touring the UK non-stop and Brendan wrote a book, a movie and two Christmas specials last year” which is why they are holding off until 2015. As well as all this they are “about to tour Australia, with almost half a million tickets already sold for our 42 shows”. That is a lot of work!

Hollywood then said “Once that is over, we will rush back to the UK for the premier of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie in June, then we’ve two more Christmas specials to do.”

The show’s special episode ‘Buckin’ Mammy’ beat viewings on BBC One of Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing making it the most-watched show on Christmas Day with a record of 9.4 million views which is its highest ever rating.

The second special ‘Who’s a Pretty Mammy’ had 8.71 million views on December 30th which is also a massive rating for the show.

O’Carroll will refuse to have Mrs Brown’s Boys aired on a US network television as they would censor the swearing, said actor Rory Cowan.

We look forward to the next series in 2015 and wish the cast all the luck for 2014 with their tours and other work.

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