Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

Pixie Lott Joins The Vamps For New Single?

Singer Pixie Lott who is known for chart hits ‘Mama Do’ and ‘Boys and Girls’ will appear on an alternative track for The Vamps’ new single ‘Wild Heart’.

The group of four boys are releasing their new single in the UK on January 19th where there will be nine different versions of the song to listen to and buy.

The 22 year old singer from London is set to appear on one of the tracks with the group while another confirmed version will be a ‘Nashville Mix’.

Within the band, there will be different lead vocals where the guys will each take a turn on a track to be the lead singer for the benefit of fans wanting to hear diverse sounds and versions of the same track; these will all be available on iTunes.

Wild Heart’ is The Vamps second single after their debut single ‘Can We Dance’ climbed to number two in the charts back in September 2013.

In an interview with Digital Spy, band member James McVey said “’Wild Heart’ is one of our favourite songs off the album, so we can’t wait to get that out.” Then continued with “’Can We Dance’ served its purpose for us as an opening statement, but ‘Wild Heart’ is the one we really, really want to get out, so we hope people like it.

The boys’ debut album should be released later this year after they have supported Taylor Swift in her upcoming UK tour.

If you’ve not heard The Vamps latest single ‘Wild Heart’ you can watch the video below:

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