Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Heated Argument Between Luisa and Dappy!


Celebrity Big Brother stars Luisa and Dappy have been involved in a big argument.

The argument started when Dappy suggested that it was more acceptable a man to sleep with multiple women than a women to sleep with multiple men. Luisa objected to these remarks accusing Dappy of sounding like he was from the 1950’s.

Jasmine Waltz also disagreed with Dappy saying “It’s not about what’s worse or better, it’s both gross.”  “It’s an opinion and it’s a really controversial one” she continued “What you’re saying is that you guys are exempt from doing piggish things but we have to act a certain way – and that’s being a bigot. That’s literally saying that men are better than women.

The argument continued when Luisa accused Dappy of being “sexist, chauvinistic bigot” she added “Your mum should be absolutely disgusted with your attitude towards women and I bet that the nation watching this now will be in complete agreement with me.

Dappy replied by saying “You ain’t been through nothing. You’ve been brought up around money all your life, that’s it. I ain’t, I’ve had to work to make money.

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Despite Jim Davidson’s attempt to lighten the mood the argument escalated Luisa asking Dappy “How dare you speak like that about a someone of the opposite sex? How dare you put women down?” he replied by saying “I didn’t put no woman down“.

Dappy finished the argument by saying “You tell everyone in this house how many men you’ve slept with in one night and let’s see if they agree” before retiring to the bedroom.

Watch the video below:


Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9:45pm

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