Duncan James: “Sleeping With Lee Would Be Like Incest!”


Duncan James has revealed that he has never slept with his Blue band mate Lee Ryan but Duncan thinks that he is using the claims to attract attention from housemate Jasmine Waltz.

The claims came from Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lee Ryan claiming that he was intimate with Duncan all the time. Whilst in the house he said “Everyone has done experimental s**t.” regarding Duncan.

However Duncan James told The Mirror “He’s like my little brother, it would be like incest if I slept with him” he continued “Hand on my heart, on my daughter’s life, I’ve slept with him in the same bed, but I’ve never actually physically had sex with him.” he then went on to say why he thinks Lee is saying that they had slept together”I think Lee’s just trying to impress Jasmine,” James admitted. “He’s trying to say things to shock her because I think he genuinely likes her.He wants her to think he’s really out there, different and cool.”

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