Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

Marvin Humes Follows Ten Lucky Fans!

Last week we saw a video from Marvin on his channel saying when he gets to 200,000 followers on twitter, he will follow a lucky ten fans and give one of them one of his tour shirts!

Today, Marvin reached his milestone of 200k followers after fans spent a week pushing to get him to that number for him to start following some fans back. Everyone was so excited when they got him to his target but were a little confused as to how he would go about picking the fans to follow.

Some asked him if it would be a random choice or choose people he speaks to, one of Marvin’s twitter replies was “it’s going to be random! I’m going to film it and put in on my channel #Marvin200kToday”

Anyway, it got to that time of following at 5pm and the film of the followings shows Marvin refreshing his twitter and doing a scroll with a random stop and following the person at the top of the screen.

After he did the follows, he went onto the list of people he follows and did another random scroll of who to send his tour shirt to, he then dm’ed the winner for her address.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it below on his channel:


We congratulate any fan who managed to get a follow and we hope there will be plenty more follows in the future.

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